Posted by Michael Rice on
I have been visiting Montreal for decades, I am a retired restauranteur who has been recognized for my ability to provide a great restaurant experience for my guests. This plan ignores the charm and atmosphere of the current situation. Moving the terraces to the middle destroys the appearance and charm. But, from the practical aspect it creates complications for both the customers and the restauranteurs. This is a clumsy setup, both for customers and restaurant staff. It is not convenient, food is carried the extra distance, customers wishing to use restroom facilities will be inconvenienced. On those days that it rains the transport of food and beverage will be complicated, items will have to be covered and the staff will need rain gear. Obviously no vehicle traffic should be allowed between the terraces and the restaurants.

Bottom line is that this will have a negative impact on the charm, perhaps the Mayor does not understand that customers on the existing Terrace situation enjoy the view of the "soul" that is Montreal. Moving the Terraces to the center will ignore an important aspect of why people visit the Olde Town section.
Posted by Jeff Daniels on
My wife and I visited Montreal for the first time in July 2016. We were pleased to enjoy the cuisine and hospitality of the restaurants on Place Jacque Cartier. We are from California and so we are familiar with eating in pleasant outdoor surroundings, like the current arrangement on Place Jacque Cartier. We hope that the Mayor of Montreal will honor the wishes of the Quebec Restaurant Association and its members and not go ahead with changing the configuration of Place Jacque Cartier. Customers would not be pleased with the design as described by the restauranteurs, especially eating on an artery of conveyance, instead of cuisine and convergence. Thank you for the opportunity to sign the petition and to recommend that Jardin Nelson and the others retain their facades and the pleasant atmosphere in which they now exist.
Posted by Jordan on
While I attempt to understand Mayor Coderre's optimistic vision and seemingly sincere desire to renovate and beautify the Old Port in time for the upcoming anniversary, this plan was poorly conceived and rushed without sufficient consultation (as was his previous plan to ban calèches on a whim), and is at best interesting in theory while being entirely impractical in reality for a variety of reasons which should be obvious to most logical individuals, be they residents, restaurateurs, tourists, or otherwise. Suffice it to say that I respect those who may have different opinions, but I've resided on Saint Paul East for many years and walk through Place Jacques Cartier daily, so I see first hand how things operate regularly, and know all too well how this drastic change would become a logistical nightmare for the restaurant owners, waiters, diners, artistic performers, and pedestrians alike. For lack of better words, this is literally the epitome of: "If it's not broken, don't (try to) fix it", so I implore those in charge to reconsider, leave things as is, and I pray that common sense will prevail among the final decision makers so the city doesn't inconvenience everyone concerned while unnecessarily wasting taxpayer dollars which would undoubtedly be better allocated and spent elsewhere. One thing is virtually for certain; should the plan go ahead, it will fail miserably, and I have no doubt the terraces will revert back to their former glory in due time once this (or the next) administration finally comes to its senses and starts listening to the voters, business owners, and consumers affected.
Posted by Mark Venetti on
This is a stupid idea. Leave it the way that it is!
Posted by Robert Hawkins on
I am an architect from Australia , who has also worked on the Chateau Ramazey , when I lived in Montreal in the 1970,s .
I don't support the mayors concept , as it is most important that historical restoration work , must also be economically sustainable. If the proposal by the mayor threatens the commercial viability of the restaurants etc around Place Jacque Cartier , then over time the public and the utilisation in Old Montreal will suffer.
It would be more appropriate that the mayor requested that all awnings on to the street be constructed in glass or transparent materials in order to expose the original facades better. Alternatively the use of removable umbrellas and structures in Winter would also assist and be more in keeping with historic practice .
Posted by Bernie on
The ambiance of Jacques Cartier Square is perfect as it is. Proposed changes would be detrimenyal to business and would do nothing to enhance the beauty and history that currently exists
Posted by Joseph Lamantia on
Maybe the mayor should take his head out of his ass and use his common sense. How could anyone with a gindergarden degree or more, not see what a ridiculous and self-centered idea this is. It serves no purpose except for the mayor to maybe award contracts friends. This money would be much better spent on fixing some of the pathetic conditions of our city streets
Posted by nan on
You should tell ALL visitors/tourist to sign/vote on your documents. I did not know as a tourist I was able to vote so it should be CLEAR all visitors/tourist could vote too!!!
Posted by Les on
I'm very disappointed in this decision. These restaurants and their outdoor seating is such an integral part of the ambiance of Old Montreal. It would be so sad to see this feature changed. Hopefully the mayor and city council will have second thoughts about this decision. It would be most unfortunate to see this destroyed and as an annual tourist to your city I will definitely miss this.

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Posted by John Cope on
My second trip to Montreal. Without the bustle of the old town and it's charm I suspect Montreal would not be stop over for tourists like me and my family. Leave well alone, leave the character of the area intact and spend money on more important things. ENTER
Posted by Jessica Napper on
It is such a beautiful place
Posted by Michael A on
Jardin Nelson is beautiful - please leave it be
Posted by Farah on
I completely understand the want to renovate Old Montreal and it denifinitely needs cleaning up. It has gone down in charm and definitely cleanliness only within a year(since 2016). However, to move the terraces in a location where one of our great attractions/amusements are held is ridiculous and does not make any sense. We will lose a big part of our wonderful Old Montreal charms if this were to happen. Also, I love being on the terrace and the purpose is to be outdoors and not concealed by big glass windows. Also, I would extremely dislike for my food to be passing amongst people walking around coughing and sneezing. And then there are weather conditions which may not permit us to be on a terrace. Whereas at the moment we have the option to sit on some terraces even in the rain. Plus when we are sitting on a terrace and need to go to the washroom we should not have to pass through a jampack of passerbys. I agree with the renovations but changes for the terraces are ridiculous. Start off by redoing the cobblestone roads keeping them as cobblestone. And of course business owners of restaurants need to renovate their own business places and terraces without moving the terraces away from the restaurant. Do not destroy our experience of sitting at Old Montreal reataurants.
Posted by nstfmoclake on
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